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Johanna Hays, PsyD

joanna_250Johanna Hays, PsyD

Executive Director

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
PSY27250 California
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Clinical Hypnotherapist
(818) 618-6053

Dr. Johanna Hays is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice with offices in Valencia and Agoura Hills. She earned her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with an emphasis in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and her doctorate degree from Pacifica in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Hays specializes in trauma-focused psychotherapy, and is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist. She co-founded the Valencia Counseling Center with colleague Suzanne Holmes, LMFT. Her areas of emphasis and interest include trauma resolution, couples therapy, and anxiety. For more information please visit

"I believe that we all have within us an inner guiding wisdom that instinctively knows what  decisions and directions are best. When we listen, it becomes possible to reconnect to this wisdom and navigate through difficulties and challenges. Through different therapeutic approaches, we can understand why symptoms, feelings, dreams, and reactions have emerged. I feel it is important to understand why these symptoms have emerged.

My approach to healing  is an integrative one. Because every person is unique, the approach to working with each person must likewise be unique. I have extensive training in several approaches which allow me to use and integrate the method best suited for each person."